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Did you forget who is who?

What experiences we had with them? Which episodes they are featured in? No problem!

Here is all of the people we talk about in our episodes and a short summary of each of them.

& Debbie

Episode 2

Devin was Sara's first solo experience on the podcast. Things did not go well during their encounter. After they started having sex, Sara realized too late he wasn't wearing a condom. This caused Zach and her to reach the lowest point in their relationship. Devin is a talker and very exuberant.


Episode 7

He was also at their 1st swinger party. Debbie is Devins wife. She is a talker as well and loves to flog.

& Becca


Sara and Zach met them one night at a bar. The night was going well and they went to the strip club after. They agreed to go back to S&Z's apartment afterwards. While playing a drinking game, Sara and Zach both missed the hinting Becca was doing so they did not play that night. This is also when the infamous "hand-zone" situation happened.

Episode 7

At their 1st swinger party, S&Z spent the majority of the time with them. The plan was to play that night, but did not happen due to Sara and Zach not feeling well. Oh, and Zach redeemed his "hand-zone" kiss.

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